playing too human
the camera stinks . where the right camera usually is they put independant left arm shooting. so theres no way to control the camera accept with lb makes it face straight ahead . other than staring behind the player and aimed at walls so i can see nothing its a cool game.

well i just got the game too human
i'll get it started and embed some video from it soon unless it sucks then its going back in the envelope and back to gamefly with a bad recommendation for others from me lol

i want you to know how to save money on games first of all
i used to buy games at those buy then trade places. what a rip off . pay $1000 and return for $150 for them to sell again at about $800. i get tired of games and dont play them much anymore and always new ones coming out. I just save the data of the save on the hard drive so i always have it then can just rent the game again if i want. I use a service thats like netflix on my xbox 360 . but it for games and i've been using it for a few months now and so far i love it and no problems. check it out here and see if you like it ? for me its $200 a year and all the games i can rent and play ......awsome $200 a year !!!!!!!! $200 a year !!!!!!!! lo

Try GameFly for FREE or start for only $8.95!

l i love it

hi trying to work this out???


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